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Ok. So I have become one of those guys who get an LJ account and spend my time elsewhere on the internet. I don't post here too often, but maybe I should.

I filled an application to be on the Board Of Directors for my neighborhood yesterday. They actually have 6 open positions, and the Executive Director thinks I'm a shoe-in. I don't know whether to be flattered or worried about that.

I really would like to have the part of town I live in mature into a community that is more aware of itself and willing to work to improve the difficult situations that are out there. Crime is down in my neighborhood, but the adjacent neighborhoods are not. This means that we are probably just temporarily at ease until summer comes and people are more desperate to rent their houses and apartments to any jerk off the streets.

Background checks are not completely foolproof, but this woman I was talking to at the community meeting last month was going on about how she was screwed for renting to someone that she now knows is a gang leader in the area. She felt sorry for him because he was in a wheelchair. She obviously didn't see Boyz-n-the-Hood. A simple background check requirement, requiring the tenant to pay for it as well, would probably have kept her out of the substantial monetary difficulty she has encountered.

She kept going on about how she's now $10k in the hole. My response was, at least you weren't killed.

This is an unfortunate reality anywhere in the world. That there is crime, poverty, people living on survival mode and not thinking about the consequences of their actions. Options and education. This is what helps. I don't mean send people to school, but rather forums where options that are different for people are examined. Discussing and helping to give people the courage to change the bad things about themselves so that they can stop blaming everyone else for their troubles. Something like that.

Oh what did I get myself into? HAha!
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