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Putting a Flower Atop Feces

I work in a semi-professional building, therefore, I expect certain things not to be seen in any given day, for instance, the wearing of baseball caps, or overly-skimpy clothing, or heavily torn clothing, etc... Since this is an e-commerce company, jeans are common, as are tennis shoes and maybe even a clean tee.

I'm not the fashion police, but there is this guy who always wears this damn baseball cap. He will dress in a button-up and slacks, but will still wear this damn black cap, usually backwards. I'm sure he's a great guy, but the backwards cap makes him look like an idiot, imho.

So I see him the other day without the cap. OMG! I just about yelled, "put it back on!" very loudly, becuse, he actually looked worse with the cap off. I'm guessing someone else told him of this, becuase, since that day, he has worn the hat forwards, but kept it on. But this brought me to an interesting thought about myself.

I look horrible with caps on. I look like a total redneck white-trash weirdo, as opposed to just a normal fat-dude weirdo without the hat. With the hat, the only people who pay me mind are dudes who might use the phrase "I tell you what" before every sentence. Without the hat, these dudes ignore me. With the hat, soccer moms turn their nose up towards me, without the hat, soccer moms *ADORE* me! Viva la soccer mamas!
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