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Memory - Late September 1992

I had this piece of crap bike, but no car, because the piece of crap cap was in the shop getting a new engine. Jason, the only person my age on my block, offered to give me a ride to school in the morning. This was good, because the mornings were getting a little cold. Jason was a little rednekkity. Like many people in the Chambana area, he would listen to Metallica, then Garth Brooks. I was totally in a loss for words at this combination. No matter how many times I heard Thunder Rolls, I could not enjoy it. But I was happy not to be freezing my ass off.

This was the strangeness I experience still at this place. It is my birthplace, but I really learned the world in Minnesota, and did not understand the children of the corn that were my family and friends.

Anyway, I reconnected with this old friend, and, yes, he still is redneckitty, but I guess a friend is better than an image. At least he's still honest with who he is. I don't know anyone from those days that I can say that about.
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