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The Strange thing about MySpace

So Myspace is kinda cool in some ways. I was able to find all of these bands and comedians that I have loved for years and some of them have been added as friends, which sounds really awesome, even if some of them have, like, 100K+ friends/fans.

But this wierd thing occurred to me. I used to live in this small town in Illinois, and, as a guitarist, jammed with some people here and there. One such person was this guy named Brian. But I'll be fucked sideways and called Jazzmine if I cannot remember this dude's last name! I literally spent a good couple of years seeing this guy on almost a daily basis. Used to go to shows, Record Swap, hung out with his brother and his brother's weird hippie girlfriend in Chambana. I remember his house, that he liked Gretch guitars, ALL, Danzig, TAD, and that he had evil twin sisters. But I cannot remember his fucking LAST NAME.

So I started doing searches around the area. No go. But this led me to do a "classmate" search of people who went to the High School I graduated from. I filtered the ages, so that I should only find people around my age. I DIDN'T KNOW ONE PERSON!!!! There are a couple hundred too, mind you. Average class size at this school is about 150-200. I totally do not remember anything about that little hole in the cornfield I graduated High School from.

I never really talk too much about it, but I don't smoke or do drugs. I may have an alcoholic beverage once in a blue moon. I am like this because I used to do nothing but drugs and booze. Especially when I lived in this small town! Strangely enough, moving to a large metro helped me get off the "experimentation". I don't even remember the last time I got all stoned or wasted. Unlike a lot of "Powerless Addicts", I never let it control me, but when it got out of control, I left it behind me. I have a hard time understanding the nature of full-blown addiction.

Anyway I'm rambling, but this is to illustrate why I don't remember years 1993-1995 very well. This is why I can't remember Brian's last name, nor can I remember anyone I graduated High School with. I remember not being happy there, and leaving as soon as I was able to hop a Greyhound and get the fuck out, so I suppose it's good not to remember sometimes.

Anyway, Brian, whatever your last name is, and wherever the hell you lay your head at night, I pour my 40 on the curb before I take a swig fo yuh brotha.
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