tnuss2000 (tnuss2000) wrote,

Ok, so some things have fallen into place nicely...

Got an apartment. 1BR in the Seward Neighborhood. A little less a month, about the same space, but laid out in a more user-friendly environment. I'm acually very happy about this place.

On top of this, I figured out how to get to work on a bus, and it's pretty easy. Overall, it is quite a bit chaper than havinga car, which I do not have anymore, and it should get me by for a good long while. Same landlord, but he is not renovating anytime soon, so I have some time to settle in.

My old apartment, the one I currently reside in, has a fantastic view, and is throwing distance from the Midtown Global Market, but now I will be throwing distance from 94 and the second best Thai restaurant in Mpls-St.Paul., True Thai. So there are good and bad with these things.

Now I just need a job near DT or in St. Paul, so I can take a short, easy bus ride.

Freakin Sweet!
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