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Unusual People Sometimes Do Unusual Things

So I'm talking to an old colleauge of mine when I accidentally knock over a mystery object in her neighbor's cubicle.

"Oops", I say, and look over to see a red Baseball cap entitled "Chicago, IL".

I apologize for knocking the hat over and comment about how it matched the Univ of Illinois shirt I am wearing, due to the Illinois connection, and she offers me the hat, stating it is a third-level hand-me-down.

I say "But you don't even know my name."

She retorts "That doesn't matter in context of the Christian Brotherhood."

So I accepted the hat, but now don't understand what the Christian Brotherhood is. I must admit, it sounds a bit like a group dedicated to drinking Christan Brothers Whiskey. I figured it was better to take the hat and shut up, than to explain my thoughts on the dogmatic imaginations of ancient people.

"HELLO CLEVELAND! ROCK AND ROLL! Hey, didn't we just go this way" - David St. Hubbins
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