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Goodbye Dark-Horse

This is another Rockastar-Supernova post.

Last Night was elimination. Great, I figured it was time to put Storm out of her misery. A strange thing happened. Ryan (i.e.Neil Diamond emo) did Baba O'Reilly. The last person who did this song was eliminated. Therefore, I though, hmm can this song go 2 for 2?

It sure did! I am so happy this guy is gone. As a testament to his crappiness, he says to the band "I'll see you on the top of the charts, cause that's where I'll be". Total idiot! Jason Newstead couldn't even look him in the face. He just sort of gave that look of, you won't be anywhere near the charts, you campy shat. Oh unless by being on top of the charts, he means sleeping on the business section of the NY Times in a alley in south Bronx, then, yes, he will be on the top of the charts.
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