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Rockstar Supernova - Another Post

So Dilana, the only one who has strutted talen this ontire competition, was totally bitchy last week and everybody rode her for it. She especially got on about this guy, Lukas, about how he's who knows what.

So Lukas, this canadian dudah, has been half-assed cavorting about the stage, but must have half of canuckland voting for him to stay around, as he really is not that spectacular. As a matter of fact, his look of drug induced stupor is more memorable than his actual performance.

So Dilana totally called him on this, and he went bezerk on the stage this week. He actually performed. It was strange. My opinion is, too little, too late, but thats only me. I'm sure half of Canada was voting for him last night again.

So everyone was totally rocking it and bringing their A-Game. And at the end, it looked like Dilana would be left with some lame song and having to play catch up. This is where talent vs. ambition show, becuase she went bezerk on her song too, and completely blew everyone out of the water, imho. At this point, I'm thinking this show is a waste of time. Just give Dilana the job and tell the posers to go home.
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