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Rockstar Supernova

Every Monday and Tuesday evening, the family gathers around the ol' boob tube for this show called Rockstar Supernova. For those of you who might be out of the country or haven't seen this, this is a reality show consisting of Brook Burke as the host, David Elektra um er Navarro (for no apparent reason), the members of "Supergroup" supernova (Tommy "Third-leg" Lee, Gilby (yes, I was in GNR, I swear!)Clarke, and Jason (oh, my aching neck) Newstead, and a large group of talentless people vying to become the official singer of this group.

Here's my best recollection of the people, at least those who I can remember, in the order I like them:

Dilana - the only one who actually has talent, and she's a real bitch, she's perfect.
Toby - he's alright when he hits the notes
Zayra - love her. I want her to have my babies!! (ok not that much, but she totally don't give a shiznit!)
Ryan - If Neil Diamond was emo, this is what he would sound like.
Lukas - he needs rehab
Magni - he's not even close to being as talented as Jason Newstead tells him he is
Star - who?
Patrice - she was booted last week, she was like Alanis Morrisette with tattoos and more annoying.

Ok, so there were more, but these are the only ones that were remarkable enough to remember. Honestly they will probably pick Ryan, because his voice is totally campy, and it will be a good fit for a band of has-beens that will probably cancel half it's tour dates or have to change their venues from arenas to the "Iowa Corn Fest" and the Piggly-Wiggly off I80 in Gary, IN.
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