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Oooh..That Smell.....

This last weekend was a new one for the whole family. Jodi, Norah and I went to a very small town 10 in Illinois, just across the Mississippi from Davenport, IA. Norah did well. She didn't meltdown much.

The whole purpose to this was becuase Jodi's cousin was gettin hitched to a fellow (female) Navy person whose family was from there. Jodi has a bunch of Marriott miles from her days as a manager of remote sites in Des Moines and Tempe, so we got a free hotel room at the Residence Inn for 2 days. Very nice place. Too bad it was in Iowa.

Evidently, this time of year is when Iowans spread manure all over themselves, according to someone at the wedding reception. I must say. I've had enough Iowa to last me a good couple of years.

On the top of this, on out return, we stopped by for a friendly visit with one of Jodi's friends who just got a Job at the Univ. of Iowa (aka Haykeyeland). Her 2 year old was quite sick, a fact that this dingy woman could have bothered to tell us before we showed up with our infant child, arrgh. Then she proceeded to slag Minnesotans and say some other infuriatungly senseless bullcrap here and there. She lived in Minneapolis for 6 years and walked away with maybe 2 friends who were from MN. This was becuase seh did nothing but bitch about MN the whole time. And the things she bitched about were the most asinine things that are just how people are in any larger Metro area. Specifically, people don't look twice at her. Shit, she lived in NYC for years, and she's bitching about this behavoir in Minneapolis. Oh wait, she also doesn't have many friends because anytime someone says something that she doesn't like (which could be anything) she flips out on them! Who wants to deal with someone like that? I sure as hell don't. Well, I know she'll fit right in in Hawkeyeland.
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